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by Jul 9, 2018Life Science

From heartbeats to brain function,

excitable cells play a fundamental role in life.

The evaluation of electrically active cells has historically been tedious, requiring months of training to study single cells at a low throughput.

With Maestro MEA technology, any scientist can now quickly and easily measure electrical network behavior in live cells at high throughput.

Now there’s nothing to stop you from exploring life’s circuitry.



Axion products are used by researchers across the globe for disease modeling, drug discovery, toxicology and basic research. Below are some examples of how Maestro MEA technology is helping us to understand more about how the brain, heart, and muscles function.


Fragile X syndrome is the most prevalent genetic form of intellectual disability with an incidence of one in 4,000. In this Coffee Break Webinar, Dr. John Graef, Principal Scientist at Fulcrum Therapeutics, demonstrates how using CRISPR gene-editing and patient-derived cells Fulcrum can create the Fragile X syndrome phenotype in a dish. Moreover, this approach has enabled an estimate of the level of FMRP protein expression required to correct the observed Fragile X syndrome phenotype.


The human heart typically beats 80 times in a minute, 115,200 times per day, or in other words, 42 million times a year! Long QT syndrome, also referred to as LQTS, is a genetic disorder which affects the repolarization of the heart after a heartbeat. A long QT interval can upset the careful timing of the heartbeat and trigger dangerous heart rhythms which can result in fainting, seizures, or sudden death. In this Coffee Break Webinar, Dr Vincenzo Macri (STEMCELL Technologies) discusses how the stem cell culture and gene editing technologies being developed by his lab can be used to recreate these patient heart beats in a dish.


Diseases that impair the functioning of muscles, either directly or indirectly via motor neurons, are referred to as neuromuscular disorders (e.g. ALS and myasthenia gravis). Although there is a strong genetic understanding of many of these disorders, the poor translatability of animal models to humans has hindered the development of treatments for these diseases. Consequently, there is a need for a model that more faithfully recapitulates the physiology of the human neuromuscular junction. In this Coffee Break Webinar, Elliot Swartz (UCLA) discusses how he is building a light controlled hiPSC model of a neuromuscular junction to help better understand neuromuscular disorders.


Learn how MEA Assays work and the innovation behind Axion’s products.



Axion’s microelectrode array (MEA) plates have a grid of tightly spaced electrodes embedded in the culture surface of each well [A]. Electrically active cells, such as neurons or cardiomyocytes, can be cultured over the electrodes [B]. Over time, as the cultures become established, they form cohesive networks and present an electrophysiological profile. The resulting electrical activity—spontaneous or induced firing of neurons, or the uniform beat of cardiomyocytes—is captured from each electrode on a microsecond timescale providing both temporally and spatially precise data [C].


Electrical activity is captured from neurons (orange) cultured over electrodes (gray circle). The Maestro MEA system detects key parameters of neural network activity, including functionality, excitability, and connectivity.


The Maestro MEA system detects key parameters of cardiomyocyte activity, including depolarization, propagation of excitibitality, repolarization, beat timing and irregular beating (arrhythmia).


Connect to Your Network

768 (Pro) or 384 (Edge) simultaneous live recordings from your cells. Now you can understand life’s circuitry label-free in real-time.

“One Button Setup”

Temperature and CO2 levels automatically adjust on plate docking. Plate usage is logged via an integrated plate barcode scanner for convenient experiment tracking.

Precise Environment

The smart environmental chamber finely controls heat and CO2 while rejecting electrical noise and mechanical vibrations.

Powerful Data Analysis

AxIS Navigator simplifies the setup, execution, and analysis of MEA experiments.

Join us for your coffee break

Networks of excitable cells play a fundamental role in life, from the beating heart to the conscious brain. In the time it takes to drink your coffee, experts in the field will explain how they are using Axion’s technology to better understand life’s circuitry.

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