Overcome the Limitations of 4 Major Types of Microscopes with the VHX-6000 Digital Microscope

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The limitations of 4 major types of microscopes:

  • StereoscopicBest-suited for observation in the low to middle magnification range (approx. 5x to 120x)
  • Typically use a zoom lens
  • Some can have a camera mounted (trinocular body tube type)
  • Limited depth-of-field
  • Requires an additional light source
  • Effective for observation under relatively low magnification only
  • Cannot take photos unless a camera is attached, decreasing the depth of field
  • MetallurgicalObjects can only be viewed top-down
  • Various objects including slides can be observed
  • Lens magnification is changed with a revolver (Magnification cannot be changed while continuously observing the target)
  • Relatively expensive
  • Resolution of captured image is dependent on the camera used
  • Provides excellent resolution
  • Various filters are available to provide multiple observation methods
  • Extremely shallow depth-of-field
  • Short working distance requires samples to be processed before being imaged
  • Complicated to operate, requiring users to be thoroughly trained
  • Eye pieces cause fatigue
  • Observe samples at high magnification
  • Analyze the compositional makeup of materials
  • Only produces monochrome images
  • Time-consuming preparation and operation
  • Restricted sample size
  • Approx. only 50 mm to 200 mm dimensions can be measured depending on the stage
  • Can measure the shape of a sample in the X, Y and Z directions by evaluating the stage displacement
  • Measuring accuracy of approx. 1 μm
  • Dimensions are checked visually, allowing measurements to vary greatly from user to user
  • Incur additional costs, since a measurement microscope is needed to complete any measurements

How the VHX Series Solves These Limitations:

1. Shallow Depth-of-Field - SOLVED

Large depth-of-field for clear and sharp 3D observation

A solution to Stereoscopic and Metallurgical Microscopes

The VHX Series provides a depth-of-field at least 20 times larger than optical microscopes. Because of this, the VHX Series can accurately observe the surface topography of a target with large changes in height; imaging that is typically impossible for conventional optical microscopes to achieve. Furthermore, the number of steps required for observation and focus adjustment can be reduced considerably.

2. Lack of or limited picture-taking capabilities - SOLVED

Save images on-site

A solution to Stereoscopic Microscopes

Save data onto a high-capacity HDD and manage data with a unique high speed filing system

Observed images can be easily recorded on-site using an integrated, high-capacity 500GB HDD.

Video record/replay function for observation of chronological changes

The VHX Series is equipped with a video record/replay function that can accurately record chronological changes and subtle movements of a target. Data can be recorded for up to an hour at up to 50 frames per second. You can fast forward, advance the frame, and capture a still image from the video. Moreover, the video is recorded as an AVI file that can be replayed with the VHX Series or a computer.

PC mode for report preparation

With PC mode, various drivers for software and peripheral equipment can be installed on the microscope, including drivers for printers, Microsoft Office, and anti-virus software. This makes it possible to use the microscope in a way that best fits your operating environment.

3. Only able to image at low magnification; A separate microscope is required for high-magnification - SOLVED

Wide magnification range from 0.1x to 5000x

A solution to Stereoscopic Microscopes

The VHX Series enables a wide range of microscopic observation from macro-scale stereoscopic imaging to the detailed analysis of an SEM. Many techniques are also supported including transmitted light observation, polarized light observation, and differential interference observation.

4. Short working distance requires samples to be processed before being imaged - SOLVED

A variety of lenses enables observation of samples with high magnification or of tall samples that require a large working distance

A solution to Metallurgical Microscopes

5. Only produces monochrome images - SOLVED

Improving image resolution: High-resolution HDR

A solution to Electron Microscopes

A high-resolution image is obtained by using short-wavelength light and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function to capture multiple images at varying shutter speeds. This produces a high color gradation image with high resolution and sharp contrast that was previously impossible to obtain.

Improving image resolution: High-resolution HDR

Short-wavelength filter achieves higher resolution (Pixel shift technology)

The optimal wavelength of light is selected based on the characteristics of the lens to capture sharp images with minimal chromatic aberration. By combining short wavelength light with KEYENCE’s original pixel shift technology, image resolution can be increased by up to 25%.

6. Additional costs are incurred because a measurement microscope is needed to measure samples - SOLVED

On-screen real-time measurement

A solution to Measuring Microscopes

Users can perform any kind of measurement—including 2-point, angle, diameter, parallel line, and area—directly on the screen with just a few clicks of the mouse. Data can also be saved in an album and accessed later for further measurement. Moreover, the free communication software makes it possible for anyone to utilize the measurement functions from their own PC.

On-screen real-time measurement

Fusion of a digital microscope and a measuring microscope

X-Y Measurement System VH-M100
Measure objects up to 100 mm × 100 mm 3.94″ × 3.94″ by simply moving the XY stage. This system functions similarly to a measurement microscope, but users can also take advantage of all of the functions of a digital microscope as well.

Ensuring traceability to achieve reliable measurement
The X-Y measurement system ensures highly reliable measurements based on the traceability to international standards.

Measurement software for expanded usability
1. Real-time screen display: The XY measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen in real time.
2. Various measurement modes: Distance, radius, angle and other various measurement tools are available.
3. Wide image capturing: Once a wide image captured under low magnification is registered, the current measurement point is always indicated even after the field is changed under higher magnification. The measurement point can be easily verified for an entire image.


VHX Series Features

Fully-focused observation without any user adjustments; Overcome limitations of conventional optical microscope

Real-Time Depth Composition

Provides complete focus on any area
Due to its high frame rate camera, the VHX can instantly scan through the focal range of a sample, recognize which areas are in focus, and build a fully-focused image. This provides users with more in-depth information and in a fraction of the time of conventional systems.


Automatic acquisition of lighting patterns from all directions
Lighting data from various angles can be quickly obtained at the push of a button, and users can change lighting as desired after the initial image is recorded. Surface features that were previously impossible to view become clear at just the push of a button.

Easy Mode

Guides users through both basic and advanced functions
Easy Mode makes it simple for any level of microscope user to operate even the most advanced functions of the system.

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