Optimized Staining System for Higher Throughput

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Experience the power of a staining system

The complete staining solution from one trusted supplier

The new Tissue-Tek Prisma H&E Stain Kit #1 is the first and only H&E kit specifically developed for your Tissue-Tek Prisma stainer. It provides high quality and consistent staining for up to 2,500 slides per kit delivered at a throughput of 530 slides per hour.

Meeting the requirements to produce stained slides every morning is a laboratory’s biggest challenge. Delivering those slides during peak demand hours is stressful and requires a superior stain and a fast, reliable automated slide stainer. Laboratories want to ensure that the quality of the first rack of stained slides is of equal quality to the last rack.

Why not change the routine. Streamline and standardize your staining process by taking a system approach to produce slides faster than ever before. No more measuring out reagents, just pour and start staining. No more topping off stain reservoirs to get through each day. Get slides to your pathologist earlier when using the validated, optimized staining protocol from Sakura Finetek.

Change the way you work today!

Product Features

The kit designed for Tissue-Tek Prisma stainers

  • The ready-to-use kit consists of 6 bottles (1 each Hematoxylin and Eosin, 2 each Differentiator and Bluing Reagent) eliminating the need to measure or dilute reagents while continuously maintaining the highest quality stain
  • A single kit can stain up to 2,500 slides or last for 2 weeks, reduces reagent exchanges, saves time and money
  • The 750 mL fill size, ready-to-use bottles were designed to match the recommended volume for standard Prisma solution stain reservoirs

Validated, highest quality staining

  • The optimized staining protocol of this system means reproducible results that the pathologists demand from the first slide to the last slide
  • The perfectly matched H&E kit is stringently QC-tested to provide lot-to-lot stain consistency
  • Only Biological Stain Commission-certified dyes are used in the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality kit components

Convenient, safe and ergonomic bottles

  • Patented, custom-designed bottle with ergonomic grips enables more secure handling to minimize spills
  • Wide bottle opening makes fast and splash-free filling of solution reservoirs much easier
  • Color-coded labels and bottle caps which match the colors of the solution configuration of the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus helps avoid filling errors

Barcoded for tracking

  • Each kit and component are barcoded to enable scanning of their lot numbers and expiration dates for convenient documentation
  • The new barcode reader on the Prisma Plus stainer enables linking a basket of patient slides to a specific stain kit lot number easier
  • Up to 1,000 barcodes are saved on the Prisma Plus stainer to help comply with laboratory accreditation requirements

Realize the power of a staining system

  • The combination of Prisma H&E Stain Kit #1 and Prisma Plus Automated Slide Stainer create the fastest throughput of up to 530 slides per hour
  • By adding and connecting the Prisma stainer to either a Tissue-Tek Film® or Tissue-Tek® GlasTM g2 coverslipper, create a true-walkaway system to further increase productivity
  • Prisma Plus open platform provides the ability to run additional PAP, IHC counterstaining, dewaxing, special stains or customized protocols to meet the needs of your laboratory


RTU reagents
Eliminates the need to measure, mix or dilute reagents

Ergonomic bottle
• More secure handling to minimize spills

Barcoded kit & components
• Enables linking a basket of patient slides to a specific stain kit and maintain records

Optimized protocol
• Provides reproducible results at a higher throughput

Color-coded caps, bottle and reservoir labels
Simplifies the safe exchange of reagents on the instrument

Reagent Manager
Alerts when to replace stain reagents eliminating the guesswork


Known for best-in-class automation and reliability Sakura Finetek remains a privately-held company in business for over 160 years. Sakura Finetek has achieved its success and solidified its reputation by providing timely, ingenious solutions to the real challenges laboratories face on a day-to-day basis.

Sakura Finetek’s rich history has given them a thorough understanding of technology, quality, reliability, value for money and their customers’ requirements. Sakura Finetek uses this knowledge to passionately develop products that anticipate developments in both technology and market needs.

Available on GSA and DLA/ECAT through Government Scientific Source

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