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Your Laboratory Testing Partner

DWK Life Sciences is your global 1 source, end-to-end solution for quality industrial and applied sciences glass and plastic, streamlining new product development and supporting innovations, testing and analysis. DWK’s range of laboratory essentials helps propel critical industrial testing and research forward. Supply chain and logistical expertise ensures researchers can focus on their areas of expertise in the laboratory and the field.

We are pioneers in high quality glass manufacturing dating back over 125 years. Today, you’ll recognize the well-known and respected brands we offer: DURAN®, WHEATON® and KIMBLE®. This precision product mix offers the quality choices you need to do your best work. And,
as your testing and analysis partner, we are able to match your workflow needs, reduce complexity and bring down costs.

No matter where your work takes you, DWK is there.

We have the most comprehensive line of containers and tools to meet all application needs both in the lab and in the field for collection, preparation, testing and analysis. Whether you are working in the environmental, petrochemical, mining, food & beverage or geochemistry sector—wherever you go, our expertise is right there with you.
Our premium services not only add value, but also live up to the same quality standards as our extensive product offering. Experience the full suite of DWK Life Sciences services:

  • Barcoding identification services
  • Certificates/documentation: ASTM, API MPMS 10.4
  • Container processing to meet EPA Standards: USP purified rinse, WFI rinse
  • Instrument services: re-calibration, tare weighing

From testing products and basic research to specialized services, DWK Life Sciences is your industrial and applied sciences laboratory partner.


DWK delivers reliability and accuracy.

DWK Life Sciences supports all phases of industrial testing and research from sample collection, sample analysis, microbiology testing, trace metal analysis and more. All Class A certified glassware bears a serial number for identification and traceability, just the beginning of how we ensure quality and accuracy.
Our key products—bottles, vials, tubes, centrifuge tubes, beakers, flasks, cylinders, hydrometers and more—are certified for conformance, traceability and auditing. DWK petrochemical products are designed for use in numerous ASTM Methods including D91, D128, D1093, D2158 and D4006. We also offer instrumentation and glassware for cyanide, ammonia, and phenol analysis according to EPA methods 335.4, 350.1 and 420.4 respectively.
DWK meets your highest expectations as a result of our relentless attention to deliver outstanding value while maintaining a premium quality experience.

The 1 source for your industrial and applied sciences laboratory with
you in mind. DWK Life Sciences. Clear Solutions. Clear Choice.

DWK Life Sciences can meet all of your research needs


• Chromatography

• Chromatography

• Distillation

• Extraction

• Filtration

• Microbiology testing

• Sample analysis

• Sample collection

• Trace metals analysis


• ASTM Class Aand B volumetric glassware

• Glass bottles & jars

• Glass test tubes

• Hydrometers

• KD concentrators

• Liquid extraction

• Liquid handling

• Magnetic stirrers

• Microfiltration apparatus• Midi-Vap distillation system

• Oil centrifuges tubes

• Oil centrifuges tubes

• Sample collection tools

• Solvent recovery systems

• Soxhlet extraction

• Starline plastic containers & closures

• Vials & inserts

• Volumetric pipettes


• Barcoding identification services

• Barcoding identification services

• Certificates/documentation

• Critical cleaning services

• Custom glass shop

• Re-calibration services

• Tare weighing

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