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We’ve put together different product lines complementing each other.

Vacuum oven: Varying capacities to accommodate small to large volumes of samples!

Yamato’s vacuum ovens are designed to serve a variety of laboratory and industrial production needs, to include drying, curing, aging, material testing, component drying and baking under vacuum conditions.

During operation, the available air in the oven chamber is almost zero (negative pressure), therefore, the way to transfer heat energy from heating element to sample in the chamber is by heat radiation from the chamber wall (like the sun) and heat conduction through the chamber wall and shelf.

Use of a vacuum oven is a safe and gentle method of drying materials that would be damaged or changed if exposed to high temperatures.  Heat-sensitive materials can be dried at low temperature in a considerably reduced drying time.

ADP SERIES: ADP200C/210C/300C/310C

Benchtop vacuum ovens at 10L and 27L capacity with a temperature range of 40-240°C and 760 to 1 torr. operating vacuum degree range.

DP SERIES: DP43C/63C/83C/103C

Floor type large vacuum ovens at 91, 216, 512 and 1000 liter capacity with a temperature range of 40-200°C and 760 to 1 torr. operating vacuum degree range.  These models have large observation window with protective cover for increased safety.  They are equipped with built-in storage cabinet to reduce noise from vacuum pump, suitable for laboratories with limited space.

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Yamato CA Series Cold Trap efficiently traps moisture and harsh chemical substances discharged from vacuum oven to protect the vacuum pump.  It is a worry-free system that operates without adding any dry ice or liquid nitrogen during the operation. These refrigerants lower temperature to -45°C in less than 20 minutes (CF301) and -80°C in less than 30 minutes (CF801) and collect 4L of liquid.  Standard equipped with a stainless steel condenser, with an option for a glass condenser for acid and organic solvents.

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A vacuum pump allows lowering of pressure within the vacuum oven.  Yamato recommends a complete kit of ULVAC’s GLD oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump for ADP and DP43C/63C and CR Series B dry vacuum pump for models DP83C and 103C. Select connecting kit by assessing corrosiveness of samples to be placed inside the vacuum oven.

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