As easy as A-1-c

by Jul 19, 2019Healthcare

Introducing the D-100™

One touch operation One amazing experience

A1c Simplified
Start a run with a single touch. Walk away while the D-100™ system transforms your patient samples into simple A1c results.

 Note: Monthly Volume: 3000+ samples, also available to connect to Inpeco TLA, Not yet available in US

Work smarter

Get Smart HPLC Results with Faster Review Time

The D-100 Onboard Advisor provides a consisten and thorough review of every result.

  • Reduce Risk of errors
  • Release to LIS automatically
  • Streamline results review

Get more done

Improve Productivity with Less Hands-On Time
The D-100 System delivers high quality A1c results without a mountain of labor and babysitting.

A High Throughput System

Fast Sart-up with uninterrupted processing

  • Improve turnaround time (TAT) with just 2 minutes 15 seconds to the first patient result
  • Track reagent consumption in real time with RFID technology
  • Keep running with on-the-fly reagent replacement
  • Obtain A1c results every 45 seconds (80 results/hour)

Be confident

For Quality A1c Results

The D-100 System uses Smart HPLC technology to give you results you can trust. get accurate A1c results so you can be confident in the results you send to your physician.

No interference from:

  • The most common heterozygous hemoglobin variants: HbAS, HbAC, HbAD, and HbAE
  • Carbamylated Hb & Labile A1c
  • Fetal Hb ≤ 30%
  • Lipemia ≤ 6,000mg/dL (60g/L)

The Future of A1c Testing
With over 30 years of experience in HPLC testing, Bio-Rad has developed the most advanced solution for A1c analysis. The D-100™ system simplifies high throughput A1c testing without sacrificing the high-quality results that are critical to patient care.
Contact your Bio-Rad representative for a look at the future of A1c testing, today.

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