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by Jul 23, 2019Healthcare

ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer

35 seconds!
That’s how fast you get blood gas results
on the new ABL90 FLEX analyzer.

Measure up to 17 parameters with a small sample volume of 65µL.

Radiometer’s next generation, cassette-based
analyzer offers benchtop features in a compact

Plus get full IT connectivity, automatic quality
management and minimum maintenance
where you need it the most: at the point of care.

Test menu

Fast results and always ready

  • 35 seconds to results for 17 acute care parameters
  • High uptime of more than 22 hours per day
  • Sample volume of just 65 μL for all parameters

Complete flexibility

  • 100, 300, 600 , 900 and 1200 test cassettes
  • Portable or on a rolling stand
  • Fully operational on battery
  • Syringe, capillary and test tube without adapter

Easy to use

  • Instructional videos for easy on-screen user guidance
  • Automatic opening and closing of inlet
  • Selection of sample type on large touch screen
  • Automatic mixing for safePICO syringes in just 7 seconds

Easy to maintain

  • Remaining tests from a consumable can be used on another ABL90 FLEX analyzer
  • Automatically detects and removes obstacles such as clots
  • Smart chips simplify installation and QC’s are done automatically
  • Customizable pre-warnings

Regulatory compliance

  • IQCP not required
  • External QC not required by CAP or TJC
  • Automatic quality control
  • Dedicated QC solutions for correct quality control
  • Continuous system and analysis checks
  • Automated corrective actions

Data integrity

  • Standard protocols
  • Full IT connectivity to AQURE point of care data management system

1st Automatic ready

  • Radiometer’s 1st Automatic scans and links together sampler and patient ID at the bedside
  • Correct patient information is automatically sent to the analyzer and linked to the correct result
  • Increased patient safety and reduced risk of preanalytical errors

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