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Delivering High Quality Data for High Quality Results

High-quality data is dependent on more than an imager. Odyssey® Imaging Systems are part of a comprehensive solution that uses publisher and grant agency best practices as the foundation.

Protocols and educational materials from industry experts, reagents optimized for the Odyssey near-infrared (NIR) imagers, and reliable analysis with Empiria Studio® Software are essential pieces to improving data integrity. All work in concert to ensure you achieve robust and replicable data.

All Odyssey Imaging System users have access to perform statistical analysis of their Western blots using Empiria Studio Software. This is the only Western blot analysis software available designed using publisher guidelines to provide you with answers at every step of the process.

Odyssey CLx Imaging System

Near-Infrared Fluorescent Imaging

  • Near-infrared Western blot
  • In-Cell Western™ Assay
  • On-Cell Western Assay
  • And many more…

Odyssey Fc Imaging System

Dual-Mode Imaging

  • Near-infrared Western blot
  • ECL Western blot
  • DNA gel stain
  • Protein array

Pearl Trilogy

Small Animal Imaging System

  • Small animal in vivo and ex vivo imaging
  • NIR detection
  • Consistent, high quality data

Odyssey® CLx Imaging System

Industry-Leading Near-Infrared Fluorescent Imaging

Gain the insight that lets you make decisions with confidence about your targeted therapeutic.

Examine the effect your therapeutic has on its target and signaling pathways with the Odyssey CLx and therapeutic assays, including Western blots, In-Cell Western™ assays, On-Cell Western assays, and tissue section images.

The scanning bed, capable of imaging 9 mini-blots, 6 microplates, or 30 slides at once, gets you answers you can rely on quickly.

Pearl® Trilogy Small Animal Imaging System

Fluorescent and Bioluminescent Optical Imaging

Assess the in vivo and ex vivo performance of your targeted therapeutic using the Pearl Trilogy. This system is designed for the imaging of live animals, whole organs, and excised tissue.

Track the specificity of your targeted therapeutic and assess uptake, clearance, and biodistribution to learn more about its characteristics. Then use that data for the development of a clinical proof-of-concept study.

Odyssey® Fc Imaging System

Dual-Mode Imaging System

Get consistent, accurate digital images so you can analyze your data right away and plan your next experiment.

The versatile imaging technology of the Odyssey Fc Imager is optimized for a variety of applications, helping propel the Odyssey imager family to over 10,000 peer-reviewed publications.

Pair your Odyssey Fc Imager with Image Studio Software for streamlined image acquisition and organization and with new Empiria Studio® Software for analysis of your Western blots.

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