How Can Plastic Labware Improve Your Lab Safety Program?

by Feb 18, 2020General Lab & Safety

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Information for Thermo Scientific General Labware
Plastic labware won’t shatter like glass – it’s less likely
to cause injury or lose valuable contents in the event of
breakage. Plastic labware is lighter weight and easier to
handle than glass, making it more ergonomic. No chipping
or sharp edges with plastic labware.

In a busy laboratory where bench space is often very limited, there
is a level of unavoidable bumps and knocks occurring throughout
the day that can involve benchtop labware pieces like beakers,
cylinders, and reagent bottles. Glassware can be prone to chips
or cracks, and can shatter upon impact. The fragility of glassware
in the lab poses a daily risk of valuable solutions being lost or
hazardous material being released, creating the potential for injury
to personnel in busy laboratory environments.

Why Plastic Labware Won’t Shatter Like Glassware

Plastic labware is much more impact resistant than glassware and able to absorb the shock of daily bumps and knocks.
A plastic reagent bottle is more likely to bounce than break, and is likely to safely contain the liquid inside protecting nearby personnel and the lab environment from exposure as well as safeguarding valuable lab materials and preventing loss.


Switching out glassware for Themo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Plastic Labware is a simple way to make an immediate
and measurable improvement to your lab safety program.


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