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Making Advanced Materials That Improve the World

For more than 50 years, Materion has been providing high-quality inorganic chemical compounds and sputtering targets to the private sector, universities, technical institutes, and government entities. From Aluminum to Zirconium, we offer approximately 3,000 inorganic materials that cover more than 70% of the periodic table.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Materion has the latest processing equipment, and our labs are ISO certified to ensure desired composition, particle size measurements and purity designations. Materion’s specialty material offerings include: thin film coating materials, optical coating materials, high purity PVD materials, wear-resistant coating materials, materials for thin film solar, specialty battery materials, heavy metals, radioactive materials and phosphor precursors.

Materion’s Latest Developments
  • Powders for high-temperature applications (thermal management materials)
  • Powders for battery research including next generation solid state electrolyte materials (oxides, fluorides, sulfides, etc.)
  • Powders for molten salt research
  • Targets that include niche compositions for ceramic, metal and specialty alloys
Additional Services
  • Precious and rare metal solutions provider including recycling
  • Analytical capabilities to ensure consistent, reliable and reproducible materials
  • Small lot development with scale-up processes to larger production volumes
  • Particle size characterization (powders, pellets, slugs, pieces, rods, shot, grain, slugs, wire etc.)

From research and development to full production, Materion supplies and partners with companies who seek commodity and specialty materials. With technical experts available to answer questions and solve your material challenges, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in synthesizing new compounds, managing chemicals in controlled atmosphere environments, and meeting complex particle characteristic requirements.

Materion also has the ability to handle hazardous materials, including heavy metals, radioactive materials and multi-elemental mixtures. In addition, we specialize in air and moisture-sensitive materials, including materials that need processing under controlled atmospheres, inert atmospheres and via rigorously monitored controls.

We are not just a supplier, we are a team of technical experts made up highly-dedicated scientists, engineers, and technologists here to partner with you to solve real-time material challenges. Our unique vertically-integrated supply chain allows us to control every aspect of product development: locating and sourcing raw materials, analyzing materials to certify conformance to quality standards, processing the chemicals, and providing the finished product.

Our primary goal: to ensure a consistent, superior product – every time.

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