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by Mar 30, 2020COVID-19

EXPell & EXPellPLUS Filter Tips

Filter Tips
Whether you are performing RNA extraction or preparing your PCR mixture, the use of Filter Tips to avoid cross contamination is a must when it comes to the COVID-19 qPCR diagnostic assay

More than 25 years of expertise as a pipette manufacturer gives CAPP the necessary know-how to select and design tips that match the expectations of the strictest customers.

CAPP offers a wide range of high quality tips to fulfill the pipetting needs of research, diagnostics and analytical laboratories.

Premium Design 
• Universal compatibility to the great majority of pipette brands on the market
• Different lengths within the same volume range for different applications
• Crystal clear clarity and increment marks for convenience of use

Premium Portfolio 
• Select from EXPellPlus low retention or EXPell standard (both of premium quality)
• Options of bulk, racked, racked-sterile, reloads, racked-sterile-filtered and bulk-filtered tips
• Different designs of tips within the same volume range to fit almost all pipettes available on the market

Premium Manufacturing 
• Absolutely no compromise made on the quality parameters
• Clean-room facility to eliminate the risk of contamination
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free
• Superb quality, Swiss made injection molds
• Made from virgin polypropylene

Stop adding more plastic into the environment!
Change to CAPP PaperBox carton racks for Filter Tips.
• 100% recyclable
• Packed in space-saving, easy to use dispenser towers;
• Pick up your PaperBox rack directly from the dispenser box;
• Ready to use with 1-8 and 12-channel pipettes;
• Applicable to CAPP refill system in standard plastic racks;
• Top quality filter tips

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