On Demand Webinar
Government Scientific Source & METTLER TOLEDO Present:

Expert Advice on Weighing the Right Way and Proper pH Practices

Are You Weighing the Right “Weigh”?
Is Your pH Electrode “pHast”?

If any of these questions are making you wonder, this webinar, co-hosted by GSS and METTLER TOLEDO, will focus on ensuring you learn about the recommended tips for getting the most out of your METTLER TOLEDO balances and pH instruments.

METTLER TOLEDO experts Jason Pressly and Brendan Thompson demonstrate “Weighing the Right Way” and “Good Electrochemistry Practices” during this 56 minute presentation. These experts have over 22 years of combined experience and will show you the tips and tricks they’ve learned to help your lab run as efficiently and safely as possible. You’ll see how to optimize your weighing performance, properly select and care for your electrodes and so much MORE! Join us for this fun and informational webinar. And, always remember, “GSS and METTLER TOLEDO Are Here For You!”

Weighing the Right Way Seminar

  • Balance location and set-up
  • Personal weighing technique
  • Factors influencing repeatability
  • Frequent issues and their causes
  • Common problems, and how to overcome them
  • Optimizing your weighing performance
  • Increase productivity within the busy laboratory
  • Understanding the importance of regular and preventative maintenance

Good Electrochemistry Practice

  • Assuring the performance of your pH/Ion/Conductivity/DO Meters
  • Proper electrode selection and care
  • Proper calibration
  • Common problems and how to overcome them
  • Increasing productivity within the busy laboratory


Jason Pressly
Laboratory Solutions Consultant
Weighing, Electrochemistry, Moisture, Automation, Software Jason is a well-rounded professional with over 20 years of experience working in the research laboratory, pharmaceutical, manufacturing industry, and government sector. Specialized areas include territory and business development, process, application, and regulatory compliance consultation.
Brendan Thompson
Laboratory Sales Specialist-Eastern NC & VA
Brendan earned his B.S degree in BioChemistry at Virginia Tech in 2014. After graduation, he started his career in the laboratory equipment industry working with a variety of equipment in technical support then transitioning to sales. He has been with METTLER TOLEDO since January 2018 and has provided training to many pharmaceutical, biotech and government customers.