Remote Robotic Telemicroscopy

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Mikroscan Telemicroscopy Solutions

Mikroscan’s suite of versatile, compact and portable telemicroscopy solutions improve efficiency and expand the coverage of your expertise. 

Value Proposition for Brightfield Telemicroscopy and Digital Imaging

  • Mikroscan’s desktop and mobile telemicroscopy platform is available with a range of magnifications from 2x to 120x resolution, capable of capturing the entire range of brightfield microscopy.
  • Remote robotic operation designed to perform optimally with very low bandwidth.
  • The only system that operates as a live robotic microscope or digital image slide scanner allowing real-time slide reviewing, sharing and archiving.
  • Ability to deploy in both rural and urban locations with easy integration providing complete remote control telemicroscopy connections thereby delivering the specific expertise where and when needed.
  • Eliminating the need to travel and providing immediate access significantly improves efficiency, response time and output.

Live Telemicroscopy 

  • With our live robotic microscope, you can remotely perform a comprehensive, traditional microscopic evaluation of the original glass slide specimen making your expertise instantaneously available anytime, anywhere.
  • Using live video streaming and a remotely controlled microscope you control everything you want to see on the slide from anywhere in the world.
  • Use cases in pathology to scientific evaluation.

The Mikroscan L5 Live Microscopy 

  • Using five microscope objectives, you will have complete control over slide navigation, focus, and illumination just like with a traditional brightfield microscope.
  • Review a glass slide anywhere in the world.
  • The new Autoloader add-on can increase your unattended random-access operation and throughput.
  • Multiple use case documentation available for remote access to quality assurance.

Digital Imaging

  • Create a permanent image record of regions of interest or the whole slide with the most commonly used objectives – 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, and 40X – for true magnification of a wide range of applications and uses.
  • Digital imaging mode is useful for archival, sharing, and image analysis in a variety of research and academic applications.
  • The system has a small footprint and can be placed on a bench or desk top.
  • Use cases in life science to healthcare.

SL5 Live Telemicroscopy and Digital Imaging System

  • Dual-mode system provides the added advantage of a complete imaging solution with capabilities of a real-time robotic microscope for the examination of specimens on glass slides or a static digital image slide scanning mode for the creation of digitized tissue samples.
  • The SL5 series is the most compact, portable, and affordable telemicroscopy solution on the market.
  • The new Autoloader add-on can increase your unattended random-access operation and throughput.
  • Multiple use case documentation available for Research to Clinical.*

*For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

20-Slide Autoloader

  • Mikroscan systems can accommodate 20 slides for random access.
  • Conveniently and rapidly review or scan slides with the new 20-slide Autoloader option on both the L5 and SL5 systems.
  • Ability to insert new slides making slide review and scanning as efficient as possible.
  • Use cases from complete case review with random slide access to unattended whole slide imaging of 1X3’s or 2X3’s.
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