Dotmatics R&D Digitalization in Life and Materials Sciences

by Feb 19, 2021General Lab & Safety, Life Science, Material Science

Managing Your Scientific Data Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

As scientific research and innovation organizations grow, it can be hard for data management processes to keep pace with the speed at which researchers are working.

Dotmatics’ comprehensive scientific web-based software solutions allow researchers to capture and store their ever-increasing volumes and types of scientific data. They can then mine and analyze all results associated with a particular project or innovation workflow for shared data-driven decision making.

Make the move from ‘my results, my spreadsheet’ to project or role-based access to company scientific data for analysis.

Knowledge Management & Data Analytics
Simple real-time search of all research data, allowing scientific teams to make better informed decisions faster.

Fully-integrated scientifically-aware informatics to capture experiments and data, expedite laboratory workflows and making research teams more efficient.

Any equipment, any manufacturer.
Download, extract, and centralize data of any file format from your lab equipment.

Automatic and behind the scenes.
DarwinSync is designed to be seamless and transparent within existing research workflows.

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