DNA and RNA Solvents and Reagents


oneywell Burdick & Jackson™ BioSyn™ solvents and reagents are specifically processed and purified to exacting specifications, ensuring outstanding synthesis efficiency. This makes them ideal for oligonucleotide synthesis regardless of the application. All solvents and reagents are filtered (0.2-micron for oxidation reagents and 0.1-micron for all other reagents) to minimize particulate contamination.

This product line includes a wide range of DNA and RNA synthesis reagents including deblocks, activators, capping reagents and oxidizers in various formulations as well as acetonitrile with extremely low water content. BioSyn products address the needs of users in pharmacogenomics, diagnostics and drug discovery technologies and are routinely used in oligo synthesis to produce quantities ranging from lab scale through production levels.

Burdick & Jackson BioSyn solvents and reagents are available in a range of package sizes from 1L glass bottles to 1,250L bulk containers. Packaging is designed to facilitate direct connection to popular synthesizers.

Honeywell continues to expand the Burdick & Jackson BioSyn line of products to accommodate novel chemistries and formulations. These development activities are supported by the capability to synthesize oligonucelotides. We invite customers to contact our technical experts to discuss custom reagent formulations that do not appear in the product listings, as well as special packaging requirements.

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  • Low water content solvents, well suited for moisture sensitive applications
  • High purity reagents to ensure improved over-all yield of final products
  • Consistent quality manufacturing standards
  • Packaging designed to facilitate direct connection to popular synthesizers

Packaging Options

  • 1L, 2L, 2.5L and 4L glass bottles in a 38mm or 45mm neck finish
  • 20L stainless steel NOWPak®II containers (NPII)
  • 20L HDPE NOWPak®containers (NPI)
  • 56L and 200L Stainless Steel Pressure Dispense System (SSPDS)
  • 800L fluoropolymer lined totes
  • 1,250L bulk containers
  • Tank truck

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