Does Brand Matter When Choosing Reusable Plastic Labware?

by Jun 2, 2021Lab Consumables

In a word, Yes! There are a lot of plastic labware choices, but the quality of your work depends on using quality plastic labware that performs up to laboratory standards. Even though they may look alike, not all labware products are created equal. Lowercost alternatives come with a price that may not be obvious.

High quality plastic labware must meet accepted ASTM and ISO accuracy standards and be made from laboratory-grade plastic materials that won’t leach impurities into your reagents and samples. Containers should provide guaranteed leak-proof
performance to keep you safe from exposure and your work safely contained. And technical support should be readily available to answer your application questions and help you get the most out of your purchase.

Aren’t All Plastic Labware Brands the Same?

Material of Construction Matters

Low quality plastics can contain significant amounts of additives and impurities that might leach into your lab solutions. High quality plastic materials meet pharmaceutical, laboratory and food grade standards, and are chosen to minimize additives and reduce potential leachables. It’s important to use plastic lab products like Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Labware that is made only from high quality laboratory grade plastics by reputable manufacturers. Not only are Nalgene products made from controlled, high quality, lab grade materials, but we can provide regulatory documentation to support our claims.

Laboratory Performance Standards

Don’t use “toy” labware for serious work. Graduated labware should be certifi ed to meet ASTM Class A or B and ISO standards, and come with documentation indicating it meets basic requirements for laboratory use. Quality reusable plastic labware is durable and should withstand years of use under typical lab conditions. Bottles and carboys containing chemicals must provide reliable leakproof performance to protect your staff from exposure to hazardous or infectious solutions, and to protect your valuable research materials from loss. Don’t settle for less than a 100% leakproof guarantee.

Who’s There to Support You?

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Technical Support team is staffed with experienced scientists who understand your applications and challenges, can help you make the best selections, and assist in troubleshooting your issues.

Summary: Not all plastic labware is created equal. A reputable brand like Thermo Fisher Scientific Nalgene labware helps you gain the benefits of reusable plastic labware while protecting the integrity of your valuable research.


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