Swift 2S™ Turbo v2 DNA Library Kit for Automation Friendly Workflows

by Jun 25, 2021Life Science

Swift 2S™ Turbo v2 includes a specially formulated PCR Master Mix that boosts a minimal number of PCR cycles. This produces high yields with fewer PCR duplicates due to redesigned adapter and master mix components.

  • Improved yields for enrichment
  • Up to 3X fewer duplicated from 1 ng of DNA
  • Broad range of input material
  • Swift Normalase™ Compatible
  • High multiplexing for up to 1536 samples
  • Greater target coverage

Free Automation Support for High-Quality, Cost-Effective, and Consistently Reproducible Results

“Swift’s Automation FAS team is available to assist with virtual deployment of Turbo v2 on a number of automated platforms,” said Francesco Criscuolo, a lead automation specialist at Swift Biosciences. “I encourage everyone to take advantage of our resources, which effectively reduce hands-on time and enable higher output efficiencies.”

The New NGS Solutions are Already Finding Support from Those Working in the Industry

“The new master mix in Turbo v2 generates higher yields of excellent quality libraries,” said Eric Crowder, an NGS process engineer at Inscripta, Inc. “We adopted this technology because it’s designed for automation: we are able to achieve precise dispensing without worrying about a lack of reagents or sufficient overfill. The new PCR master mix allows use of fixed-tip automation solutions in post-PCR processing. We recommend this technology to anyone using automation for whole genome library preparation.”

The Swift 2S Turbo v2 DNA Library Kits are Available in Two Configurations:

  • Swift 2S Turbo v2 Flexible which supports PCR-Free library generation with your choice of adapters and indices
  • Swift 2S Turbo v2 DNA standard which includes stubby Y-adapters


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