Reduce the Risk of Contamination with Sterile Sampling Tools

by Jun 22, 2021General Lab

71 New SP Bel-Art Sterileware® Products for Sampling Solids, Liquids, and Powders


When handling precious samples, avoiding contamination is paramount. Whether you are working in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, quality testing, or general sampling, the Sterileware® line of individually sealed and sterilized sample handling tools by SP Bel-Art has what you need for solid, liquid, and powder sampling.

With over 71 new tools available, this top selling product line has nearly doubled in size and now includes double bagged options for multi-zone cleanrooms, pharma scoops in multiple colors, jumbo pipettes, cross-sectional samplers, ladles, volumetric teaspoons, and much more.

All Sterileware® Products are:
  • Made from FDA and EU conforming materials; safe for food, drug, and cosmetic use
  • Manufactured under clean room conditions
  • Gamma irradiated sterile (SAL 10-6)
  • Heat sealed in individual polyethylene bags
  • Lot stamped for accurate tracing
Sampling for Analysis

For pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries where strict quality standards must be met, sampling powders from an inner point ensures thorough analysis. Try Sterileware® Single Slot Powder Samplers for free-flowing powders and granules.

Cross-Sectional Sampling

Narrow openings and loss of cross-sectional samples are common issues when handling liquids and light creams. Sterileware® Cross-Sectional Liquid Samplers fit through these openings and seals before withdrawal to secure the sample.


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