Latest Past Events

MilliporeSigma – Selecting the Best Water Purification Technologies for your Lab Applications   Webinar Description: Water is a commonly used reagent in the laboratory, and its quality is of paramount importance, as impurities may compromise experimental results.   Joseph Plurad Field Marketing Manager, Lab Water Solutions Joe Plurad joined EMD Millipore in 2001 where he served as product marketing manager for North America responsible […]

METTLER TOLEDO – Good Weighing Practices   Webinar Description: Good Weighing Practice (GWP) is a global standard that ensures consistent accuracy, quality and compliance in any weighing process. Established in 2007 by METTLER TOLEDO, GWP is a standardized methodology for the secure selection, calibration and operation of weighing equipment. GWP’s risk-based approach ensures that all your balances and scales meet […]

Agilent Vacuum Technologies – Measuring Vacuum   Webinar Description: This educational seminar discusses basic concepts of vacuum pressure and gas flow, then delves into the details of how we measure vacuum pressures all the way from Atmosphere to Ultimate Vacuum. The Webinar will describe the working principles of Mechanical Gauges, Thermal Gauges, and Ionization Gauges.   John Screech Advanced Applications […]