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Thermo Scientific Environmental Sample Containers

Thermo Scientific Environmental Sample Containers have two decades of experience, quality performance, and know-how behind them. We offer a full line of environmental sampling containers processed to meet or exceed EPA requirements. You can trust our Environmental Sample Containers to meet the highest quality standards you’ve come to expect from Thermo Scientific.

Our Environmental Sample Containers are manufactured in ISO 9001-compliant facilities in the U.S. All our processes– from design to development to manufacturing– meet or exceed the requirements for quality as set forth by the International Standards Organization. In addition, we have developed Thermo Scientific Performance-Based Specifications, which guarantee our processed and certified products meet or exceed U.S. EPA analyte specifications as required in Section II.B of the current “Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers” document.

Thermo Scientific Certified Products are processed, assembled, and packaged in strict accordance with Thermo Scientific Performance-Based Specifications. Quality Control analyses are performed and Certificates of Analyses are issued certifying that the products meet or exceed all analyte specifications established by the EPA. These Certificates of Analyses contain Production Numbers for traceability and are included in every case of product. Additionally, each container is attached with a human- and laser-readable sticker which shows the Production Number and Unique Individual Container Number for absolute traceability and quality control.

Our Processed Products are processed, assembled, and packaged under the same procedures as Thermo Scientific Certified Products; however, barcode labels and Certificate of Analysis are not provided. The Production Number is located on the box description label for reference, and a Certificate of Analysis can be obtained for a fee by contacting our Customer Service Department. Sample identification and analysis labels are included unattached in each case, and the cases are sealed with tamper-evident security tape.

Thermo Scientific Unprocessed Products are made of the same quality component materials as Certified and Processed products and meet EPA recommended guidelines for sample container material component specifications. These products are neither processed nor certified, and are ready for your own cleaning procedures. Sample identification and analysis labels are not included, and the cases are sealed with clear carton tape. These Unprocessed Products are an effective, economical option for customers with their own processing and cleaning facilities.

Whether you need Certified, Processed, or Unprocessed Environmental Sample Containers, Thermo Scientific has the solution for your application. Our high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, combined with our exacting Quality Control measures, means you can rest assured that your samples are in good care from collection to analysis. Additionally, our team of Technical Specialists is ready and waiting to answer your questions and help you choose the right product for your work.


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