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by Jul 28, 2020COVID-19

Assisting the Global COVID-19 Response

Bio-Rad is dedicated to offering tools and services that advance COVID-19 research and empower vaccine and therapeutic development for the battle against COVID-19. Our innovative products are optimized to minimize downtime and to provide the right answer the first time in order to shorten your discovery and development timeline for breakthrough treatments.

COVID Research

Bio-Rad is committed to empowering your research in the battle against COVID-19. From viral genomic characterization to immunological host response, our innovative products enable scientists to gain a clearer understanding of SARS-CoV-2.

Vaccine Development

Vaccines represent the best hope for COVID-19 management. The pandemic’s unprecedented health and economic impact are driving innovation to rapidly develop, evaluate, and produce a vaccine on a global scale. This challenge has led to a remarkable number of candidate vaccine platforms including, next-generation vaccine technologies. Nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) and viral vectors may offer unique scalability and efficacy, while proven approaches using recombinant protein or live attenuated/inactivated viruses are also in development. Regardless of the vaccine platform, expediency and scale-up are key, and choosing the best tools and technology are crucial. Bio-Rad offers solutions to advance your development and expedite scale-up for your fight against COVID-19.

Therapeutic Development

Now more than ever, expediting therapeutic development is critical in the fight against COVID-19. Whether you are developing an antibody, inhibitor, antiviral, or cell therapy, we have solutions to help accelerate your discovery and development, without compromising the quality, efficacy, and safety of your therapeutic.

Wastewater Surveillance

Wastewater surveillance has been used to measure the prevalence of infectious diseases within a population and may complement current testing methods to monitor COVID-19 in our communities. Complex environmental matrices are often challenging for traditional molecular methods such as qPCR due to the abundance of inhibitory substances. Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) provides an ultra-sensitive and highly-precise absolute quantification of nucleic acid sequences.

Clinical Testing

Bio-Rad is dedicated to advancing SARS-CoV-2 clinical testing with our molecular diagnostic and serology solutions that are optimized to provide accurate, sensitive, and timely results.



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