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Parker is the recognized leader in filtration, purification and gas generation technology. Today, through a significant investment in research and development, Parker Lab Gas Generator products have become the industry benchmark for quality and reliability. Moreover, all Parker gas generators meet NFPA 50A and OSHA 1910.103 regulations and are the first gas generators built to meet world-wide laboratory standards: CSA, UL and IEC 61010.

Hydrogen Generation is the Answer to Rising Costs of Helium

Gas chromatography is one of the most popular analytical tools and many laboratories utilize multiple instruments to keep pace with testing demands. Helium’s short supply and inflated cost have drastically and negatively impacted lab production and costs. Hydrogen and helium perform similarly at medium gas velocities, while hydrogen outperforms helium at higher velocities and thus, laboratories worldwide are turning to hydrogen gas generation as a safe and economical way to stabilize gas costs while improving the speed of analysis.

Eliminates costly and potentially dangerous gas cylinders.

Reduces potential viral contamination by reducing outside deliveries.

Safely produces 99.99999+% hydrogen from deionized water.

State of the art control system produces only the gas volume required.

Requires very little maintenance and runs continuously.

Demystifying the Carrier Gas Switch from Helium to Hydrogen

Step One: Tell your GC that you’ve switched to hydrogen.  And that’s it!  Your instrument has the capability to make the internal adjustments
for you.

Step Two: Keeping all other parameters the same with respect to linear velocity, column, temperature, etc., you will produce nearly the identical chromatogram.

Step Three: To take full advantage of using hydrogen, double the linear velocity and you will produce the same separation in nearly half
the time!

Bonus Step: For maximum benefit of hydrogen use, use  the GC’s method translator to get you the fastest conditions, while maintaining
good resolution!

Nitrogen Generation for Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS)

Another extremely powerful analytical technique is LCMS.  While many laboratories still use liquid nitrogen dewars, gas generators provide a reliable and cost effective solution which is far safer and much more convenient.  The Parker systems are tested, approved and recommended by all major LCMS manufacturers.  They are matched to the gas flow, pressure and purity requirements of the application and most are available without or with a built-in compressor offering a turnkey solution for any LCMS instrument on the market.

Discover why our generators are easy to use, safe, cost-effective and provide reliable, consistent gas quality and pressure.

Why Choose a Parker Lab Gas Generator?


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