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Whether you need to collect large quantities of air or analyze soil or water for hazardous chemicals for environmental monitoring, MilliporeSigma® can supply the expertise, products, and protocols to ensure superior analytical results and compliance with regulatory requirements.  Our devices and systems designed for environmental applications have been developed for use with standard methods.

Air Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring
Alpha particle monitoring
Industrial particulates

Soil Monitoring

Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)
Gas chromatography
Ion chromatography

Water Testing

Ground water
Waste water
Drinking water
Storm drain water

Millipore® filters, supplied by MilliporeSigma®, were among the first to be used for ambient air monitoring, as early as the 1970s.  Particulates and contaminants in the air affect human capital, the most precious natural resource our planet supports.  Recognizing the need to protect this resource, industries, governments, and associated regulatory agencies around the world monitor ambient air.  Air monitoring methods have been developed to detect and quantify diverse contaminants and particulates, including PM2.5, PM10, sulfur dioxide, fluorides, heavy metals, and radioactive particles.  Many of these methods involve gravimetric analysis and monitoring systems that use membrane filter discs and filter holders.  With a recent focus on PM2.5 levels, due to connections to health disorders and diseases, major regulatory agencies have now issued guidance and methods for monitoring PM2.5.

Our Air Monitoring brochure will help guide your selection of appropriate filters for air monitoring that match the specifications with respect to regional regulatory considerations.  Learn the highlights of our filters, discs and accessories below, or click here for more details and ordering information.

Filters | Membrane Discs | Accessories

Fluoropore™ Filter for Alpha Particle Monitoring

Fluoropore™ Filter for Alpha Particle Monitoring features and benefits include:

  • A special membrane filter designed for alpha particle collection in single-use and continuous air monitors
  • Surface particle collection
  • Choice of large or small pore sizes
  • Contrasting backing material to prevents incorrect installation in sampling devices
Mitex™ Pure PTFE Filters

Mitex™ Pure PTFE Filters features and benefits include:

  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Biologically and chemically inert
  • Stable at temperatures in excess of 260 °C (500 °F) and below –100 °C (–148 °F)


Quartz Fiber Filters

Quartz Fiber Filters (Type AQFA) features and benefits include:

  • Availability in a wide range of flow rates and throughput capacities
  • Pure quartz manufacturing processing to improve cleanliness, prevent acidic gas reactions, and help prevent false readings
Glass Fiber Filters with Binder Resin

Glass Fiber Filters with Binder Resin (Type AP20) features and benefits include:

  • Provides less weight loss and minimal particle shedding
  • Lower fine particle retention and higher dirt-holding capacity than PTFE filters
  • Availability in two different thickness options

Membrane Discs

MilliporeSigma, with over 50 years of filtration expertise, sets the industry standard for high performance membrane technology for sample preparation. Features and benefits also include:

  • Polypropylene packaging construction for cleanliness and recyclability
  • Notched packaging for easy access to membranes with forceps or gloved hand
  • Authenticated MilliporeSigma quality membrane inside each package



Filter Forceps

  • Flat-tipped forceps, combined with angled packaging, for easy handling

    PetriSlides™ Membrane Display Box

    • Secure filter storage for future analysis
    • Transparent cover for examination without removal
    • Rounded corners for mounting on microscope stage
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